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23andMe provides ancestry-related genetic reports and raw genetic data.

Welcome logo from 23andMe Test 23andMe Test 23andMe                      Find out what your DNA says about you and your family.

Trace your lineage back 10,000 years and discover your history from over 750 maternal lineages and over 500 paternal lineages.

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Your raw data from 23andMe can be a useful tool for health assessment.  Use the data when ordering a Phase 1 & 2 Detox Report or a Methylation Analysis Report

Order now – Phase 1 & 2 Detox Report         $ 129
(requires access to your 23andMe data)
Order now – Methylation Analysis Report     $ 129
(requires access to your 23andMe data)


Watch the following videos for more information on genetic testing, epigenetics and health:

Genetics 101


Epigentics and Chronic Fatigue - Rich Van Konynenburg


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