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Mission Statement

The mission of the is to disseminate timely and useful information on the subject of redox imbalance, oxidative stress, superoxide dismutase, research on Tempol and protocols to improve the lives of people affected by conditions related to redox imbalance.

Our Philosophy

We believe that redox imbalance is one of the most prevalent and serious health disorders that affect Americans today.

High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, immune disorders, psychiatric issues and many other chronic conditions can be attributed to redox imbalance.  We will explore how redox imbalance develops, why it is so widespread, and how it disrupts metabolic functions that ultimately threaten the health of virtually every bodily system.

Our goal is to help you understand the causes of these disorders as they relate to redox imbalance, learn how to prevent these disorders and/or reverse them and thereby transform your health by correcting the root cause of the disease.

While the mainstream medical community manages diseases and treats symptoms with expensive, often harmful and addictive drugs which are pervasively marketed by the drug companies, we hope to help you avoid this prescription trap and live a more healthy life.

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